Corner Office

Sexual tensions arise when a man named Alexander and a woman named Cleo share an office cubicle in a not-so-distant future where there are so many people dead there is no more land to bury them and there is a city-wide mandate to bury people in their offices. Published by H-ng-m-n B–ks. Limited edition hand-sewn books by artist Sara Lefsyk.

Chapter 7.
Alexander Admits It (Occasionally, I remove your brain through your nose)

Sure, I’ve thought about fucking you in my desk chair, silently
not to disturb the neatness of your yellow summer dress.  Silently
not to disturb our colleagues in surrounding cubicles.  You putting
small paperclips in my hair, your hands suggesting the rocking of
my skull.  You straddling my lap, my bare ass in my desk chair
shapes suctioning into each other— We would continue to make
the sounds of good business.  A conference call with Coca-Cola,
an email to Citibank, a spreadsheet of year-over-year gross profits.
You elevated in my lap, your face clearing just over the cubicle
partition just visible enough across the office, your expression
dismembered like a poet who’s fallen out of favor with her king.

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