[Talking Doll]

The first short handmade book from the indie poetry series The Inventor’s Last Breath about a turn-of-the-century Inventor & his wife from the perspective of his talking doll invention.  Published by Dancing Girl Press.

Review by Maria Garcia Teutsch in Homestead Review

Review by S. Jane Sloat on Good Reads


Excerpt from [Talking Doll]:

The Inventor's Last Breath*

Ladies & Gentlemen The apparatus
you see before you
isn’t quite a phonograph or telephone line to the dead
nor a movie screen to project their lives
It works more like a breathalyzer What is inhaled
is never quite What is exhaled is personality
Is words to your neighbors Is touching
your tongue to your nose Is blowing
out your candles Hiccups yawns & laughter

Ladies & Gentlemen The body
is the soul’s model T
A factory of microscopic men tug the diaphragm
We breathe
into stomach not chest Ladies & Gentlemen
these are the principles that guide the machine
you see before you The Inventor’s final secret
found by the great-great-granddaughter
of the mistress of the Inventor
Ladies & Gentleman if
we were to voluntarily stop breathing we would
lose consciousness and the tiny men would take over

Ladies & Gentlemen The test tube
you see before you
contains the Inventor’s last breath A larva
in a jar since 1931 A soft vapor or vibration
at the cork’s edge Not unlike
Galileo’s middle finger
in a glass case still
pointing up The story of a man
can be told in a single breath A unique
chord struck by tiny starfish Tonight
we release the man into the machine
Ladies & Gentlemen All there is
to know about a man is in his breath

* Originally published in Poetry International

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