[Mary] is the 2nd short handmade book from the indie poetry series:  The Inventor’s Last Breath.  The story of a turn-of-the-century Inventor & his wife Mary– from Mary’s perspective.  Comprised of journal entries, film snippets, archived newspaper, Morse code & love poems.  Published by Hyacinth Girl Press.

Review on Coldfront by Joe Hall

Review of the Poem “Just Married” on Poetry International.

Poem “Invention of Light Bulbs” on Verse

Several pieces in Boog Reader 6: Anthology of New York an Philadelphia Poets

Poem at Everyday Genius (January 2014, curated by Joe Hall)

2 Poems at Talisman (January 2014, Women’s occupation issue, curated by Lisa Bourbeau)


Excerpt from [Mary]:

December 13, 1903

Thomas says, “We are not ourselves- we are only a conglomerate of tiny men who work in the factory of our bodies. Thomas says, “Forgive me, Goose— These tiny men, in our final breaths:  exit through the open windows of our mouths.”   Thomas closes my mouth with his fingers—I hold onto Thomas’ wrist—His pulse is a tiny man walloping—

How can I forgive you?  (if you won’t say what it is that you have done?)  


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